Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Field Humour

There is this interesting story of an insurance salesman in the SpeakersEncyclopaedia of Humour.

The meek insurance salesman entered the sanctum of the big, burly Sales Manager.

The BBSM growled, “What is it?” –

The meek salesman mumbled “Sir I am from “α-β” Insurance Company; but I suppose you may not be interested in a policy. It’s OK” and began walking back.

The BBSM has been a very successful salesman in his time and trained hundreds of salesmen in his career. He took pity on the insurance salesman and said, “Hey come here; just to give you some confidence, I will buy a policy.”

As the salesman wrote the policy proposal and collected the cheque, the BBSM felt he should encourage him and said, “Look you should exhibit confidence if you want to achieve success in your profession.” He added, “You should plan a strategy to sell to each prospect and implement it.”

The salesman collected the signed form and the cheque, put it in and closed the bag. While walking out of the room he said, “I do plan a strategy to sell to each prospect, Sir. And this is the one I use for dynamic Sales Managers!”

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